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Ad Creation Tools and Services

For agencies and creative professionals, these companies offer tools and services to take online advertising beyond banners, including formats such as micropages, full-screen video.

Contact Information
(301) 652-1245
Adfluence offers marketing professionals and ad agencies online marketing formats beyond banners and text ads, such as MicroPages, MicroMail (interactive email with call to action, response tracking and list building capabilities), and AdSuites (MicroPage collections).

Contact Information
(201) 891-1209
Rich media ad server and ad management platform for interactive agencies, Web publishers and advertisers.

Contact Information (Flash site)
(310) 596-0009
Opt-in fullscreen video advertising, essentially an interactive 30-second TV ad delivered to targeted audiences through the internet.

Contact Information (Flash site)
+44 (0) 20 8340 1822
Produces Flash video ads with sound in a variety of formats including banners, skyscrapers, expanding ads, boxes, pop ups and emails. Ads are compact and run on a variety of popular ad servers such as Double Click and MSN.

Contact Information
(415) 832-2000
The venerable producer of Web design, ad design and graphics software including Flash, FreeHand, Dreamweaver and Fireworks.

NEWgame Communications
Contact Information
(704) 541-4753
NEWgame produces Vmags -- ad-supported, full-screen, broadcast-quality audio and video magazines with expertise in sports marketing, education and recruitment, travel / tourism and non-profit marketing.

Online video ads | Streaming media Advertising | Innovate video Ads
Contact Information
(714) 352-7222
Streaming Media Advertising iAds Offers Full range of Streaming Advertising Solutions, Online Video Advertising, Online Streaming Ads, Internet Video Advertising, Interactive Video Marketing, google video ads, broadband video ads, advertising online video & other Streaming Media Advertising Solutions.

Contact Information
(215) 283-2700
Easy to use tools and support to build effective page-based advertising, including expanding banners, dynamic messaging panels, floaters, snap-backs and fold-overs.

Contact Information
(800) 717-8886
Develops and licenses interactive advergames on online contests designed for brand customization and integration into online advertising campaigns and Web sites.

United Virtualities
Contact Information (Flash site)
(917) 779-9186
UV offers several uniquely-named rich media ad formats, including Shoshkeles (animated ads that move in a transparent layer over a Web page), ShoshTV (streamed or cached video also in a transparent layer), ShoshBanners (multiple floating panels from a banner), Ooqa-Ooqa (toolbar ads), Yachne (3-D interactive animations), PIEs (persistent cookies), Shoshmosis (interactive streaming video) and Shvitzer (customizable, contextual menus).


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